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    ♦ Piano Man ♦
  • Geburtstag 20.08.1993

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    Nickajack Cave, Tokyo, Germany
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    sad music
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    WGL Payne

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"You've got to have an ace in the hole, A little secret that nobody knows. Life is a gamble, a game we all play. But you need to save something for a rainy day. You've got to learn to play your cards right if you expect to win in life. Don't put it all on the line for just one roll. - You've got to have an ace in the hole" - "King" George Strait


"You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em. Know when to walk away and know when to run. You never count your money when you're sittin' at the table. - There'll be time enough for countin' when the dealing's done" - Kenny Rogers


"Forever, forever, I'll walk a thousand miles. Just to tell her, to tell her, Our love is still alive. And I'll never, I'll never, I'll never let it die. Well you'd better watch your step. - She's a diamond on a landmine" - Billy Talent

"Here comes the darkness, It's eating on my soul. Now that the spark has run out of control. This fire is raging, I can't find the door. I just want to die here, But you wanted more. You want me to burn. Want me to burn. Want me to hurt. - And maybe I will finally learn." - The Pretty Reckless

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"I've been searching, I've been waiting for the Best Day of my life. Can you feel me? Can you save me? On the Best Day of my life. Now I'm breaking, breaking, breaking on me. Wanna wake up, wake up from the death. I'll be fighting, I mean dying. - For the Best Day of my life!" - Eskimo Callboy

"Ich bin bereit, denn es ist Zeit, für unser'n Pakt über die Ewigkeit. Du bist schon da, ganz nah. Ich kann Dich spür'n, laß mich verführ'n, laß mich entführ'n. Heute Nacht zum letzten Mal ergeben deiner Macht. Reich mir die Hand, mein Leben, nenn mir den Preis. Ich schenk' Dir gestern, heut' und morgen, dann schließt sich der Kreis. Kein Weg zurück, das weiße Licht rückt näher, Stück für Stück will mich ergeben. -  Muss ich denn sterben, um zu leben?" - Falco

"Ich bin wieder hier, in meinem Revier. War nie wirklich weg, hab mich nur versteckt. Ich rieche den Dreck, ich atme tief ein. Und dann bin ich mir sicher wieder zu hause zu sein. Ich bin wieder da, noch immer ein Star. Noch immer ein Held für kein Geld der Welt. War nie wirklich weg, hab mich nur versteckt. Und eines ist sicher. - Ich geh nie wieder weg" - Westernhagen

"To all the people left behind, you are walking dumb and blind, blind. And two thousand years I've been awake. Waiting for the day to shake. Dear all of you who've wronged me, I am, I am a zombie. Again, again you want me to fall on my head. - I am, I am, I am a zombie" - The Pretty Reckless

Maryse Ouellet 4 Life <3